#siemmoxie a #windfarm ship! none of your old oil exploration here!!

a ship! none of your old oil exploration here!!

DJ/Musician returning to my hobby drawer

I'm removing DJ/Musician from my list of professional interests. Sticking to #webdesign and #writing for now. I've had a great time with the music and gigging in London and Goa but the money is awful. Turning it back into a hobby again. #Conservation is still the core value behind all that I do.

School of Electronic Moby Dicks

This may seem an odd poem. I was asked to do it for my degree. We took our degree guide, which has information, critical text and poems in it. I took a line from different pages starting from the cover and working through. In other words, these words are the words of others!

Totally chuffed that

This is based on "This is just to say" by William Carlos Williams and also inspired by the version of the same poem by Tom Leonard “Jist ti Let Yi No”

Totally chuffed that
I’ve snorted yer charly that yer were hidin’ in the lav
and what yer were totally holdin’ out on me wiv
Fuck right off it werra top class sweet hit and sick

Precipitation Within Sight

I love to walk in the rain The patter on my coat hood Tugging the corner down to stop the wet on my face Wet backs of legs Puddles to avoid
Those low dark clouds A familiar landscape made different by the wet
When I get home I can take off my damp coat and say. “That’s me for the day.” Then sit in with coffee and look at old railway pictures
The rain taps on my window my lamp on the old trains I see the water dripping on the puddles
I’m glad for the rain to make the sun seem better And, mainly, because without rain, we would all die
Justin Tuijl

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition Twitter app

Ever since I've had my tablet the Twitter client hasn't worked. So after nearly two years I finally figured it out! It is a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition. The normal Twitter app does not work on it. The bespoke one I had on there was not working correctly. After googling the question I finally found a mention of the Samsung Apps app. It seems it was disabled. Even then it was setup to update automatically but I still had to manually provoke it.

Now, after all this time my Twitter app works again. I never did like the 3rd party twitter clients.