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31 Albums

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(unfortunately Last.fm messed it all up and my albums are not available for download on there anymore, probably best to head to my Soundcloud or Bandcamp)

Under Justin Tuijl
  1. Selected Amiga Classics (lost) 90 mins (approx 1990)
  2. Make you change you mind (lost) 90mins
  3. Eat my Fluid (lost) 90mins
  4. Inquisition (lost) 90mins
  5. Up the Revolution (lost) 90mins
  6. Half 40 mins
  7. One (last.fm seem to have lost this) (approx 2008)
  8. Environmental Army 40 mins
  9. env 120 mins
  10. livefromnorwich 105 mins
  11. NO STATION 76mins
  12. Audio Explorer 60 mins
  13. Magic Batplan 100 mins
  14. Magic Tortoise 50 mins (originally recorded under the artist name Magic Tortoise)
  15. Connection 25 mins
  16. Evil Mind 70 mins
  17. Dark Vortex 170 mins (mid 2012)
  18. Best of: the collection 80 mins
  19. Orangutan 86 mins
  20. Metal 12 mins
  21. Orbit 50 mins
  22. Spirilina Goa Beach 15 mins
  23. rainforest 76 mins
Well Protected Nutter

Foot to the Floor 23 mins

Bad Mandi

Electrocuteshun 50 mins
Naughty Mandi 35 mins

Starship Anjuna (Psyship was a released album)

Psyship 65 mins
Psyspace 112 mins

Polar Bear Express

Polar Bear Express 30 mins

Disco Valley (artist not label!)

Goa Curry 11 mins

Mountain Ghost

Snow Leopard 4 mins(!)

Magic Tortoise

Magic Tortoise 50 mins (yes this was also put under Justin Tuijl)

More information on the albums >>

Starship Anjuna - Psyship

Justin Tuijl - No Station

Justin Tuijl - Evil Mind

Bad Mandi - electrocuteshun

Justin Tuijl - Audio Explorer


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