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Jeepurs Devon Rex and Siamese Cats

Jeepurs are currently not breeding kittens.

Jeepurs Devon Rex and Siamese Cats
The Historic Jeepurs Cattery

Breeder: Mrs E M Tuijl
Thetford, Norfolk, England

These pages were setup by Mrs E M Tuijl's son to commemorate our wonderful cats.

Our household was prey to many kittens running about.
Many pedigree lines feature a Jeepurs cat.
The name came from the family cristian names: JustinElaineEdward (Me, Mum, Dad)

Potted History

We got our first Devon Rex in 1977, already having our Siamese from 1976, my Father saw a devon in a magazine and wanted one. This was in the days when they were quite rare. We went to a cat show and saw that Bolrose had kittens for sale. Barbara Hudson (now Hoole) said she would keep the best one for us, as we were at a cat show I suppose she thought we were going to show our new kitten. The kitten was Bolrose Miss Muffet. At the same time Rolf Harris (disgraced Australian celeb in England) was collecting Ratbag and Smudge from the same litter.

Jeepurs fame stems form the fact that Jeepurs Charlie's Angel and Jeepurs Instant Sunshine were bought from us by 'hardened' breeders, so though Muffet only produced around 3 litters, her children considerably added to the devon world. Charlie's Angel went to Mrs Lyon (Berilleon) always a one to make the most of her cats. Instant Sunshine went to Veidals in Sweden.

Muffet's first litter was born on 6 July 1978 (Charlie's Angel was the only mature adult survivor from this one). Muffet had only three litters (Sweep & Instant Sunshine in the second of seven kittens born 7 August 1979). Last litter born 23 April 1980 four of them, two of which Mrs Sinclair had and Angela Rushbrook (Scatti) had one - 2 blue 2 white. The stud we always used for Muffet was Brylou Charlie Boy owned by Lynda Ashmore (Kralahome).

Muffet was such a unique cat that I feel that I could never have another. Also I (and my Mother) have never recovered from the heartbreak of loosing them all, which I suppose is the way when living with an animal which is bound to leave you.

Justin / Elaine Tuijl 

MuffetChampion, Bolrose Miss Muffet
Sire: Annelida Super Star
Dam: Sahreen Blue Moon

Our second cat: a Devon Rex
She was a very unique cat, a total one off and 'daft' as a brush.
She lived about 18 years

(with Siamese kitten)
Name: Colycat Charmian
Sire: Denmich Red Rum
Dam: Huwrac Nipwit

Sister and Brother Jeepurs Charlies Angel and Jeepurs Paper Tiger

From Muffets' first litter, the only two who survived past kittenhood a gallery of their photoshoot Sire: Brylou Charlie Boy Dam: Bolrose Miss Muffet

My Mother decided to have a photo shoot for them both:

The photo shoot had Tigger very excited and it was a job to convince him to stay on the podium at all.
My Mum had to stand in various places and attract his attention.
There were so many rejected photos from this shoot, many of him in mid leap!
Follow his gaze and you can see where my Mother must have been standing...
He was purring his head off the whole time!


Jeepurs Sweep:

7 Devon Rex - Including Jeepurs Sweep and Jeepurs Instant Sunshine
Sire: Brylou Charlie Boy
Dam: Bolrose Miss Muffet
(a good value litter from Muffet!)
and also
6 Siamese / Devon Rex crosses
Sire: Jeepurs Paper Tiger
Dam: Vulshar Tasanovour


Name: Vulshar Tasanovour
Sire: Clonny Diomedes
Dam: Flora Dora
Our first cat a Siamese nicknamed 'Pussy' in innocent times.
She and Muffet were great friends, after a rough introduction from the Siamese.
They have a reputation for being bad tempered, she was a lovely cat, she
just did not tolerate strange cats!
She lived about 18 years


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