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I reflected on my childhood influences (Biggles, Sherlock Holmes and Alice in Wonderland) which were the ideas behind the original version of this (HMS Serendipity) I decided to revise it as an un-childlike version influenced by the Raymond Carver stories and the Piano film.

Bert sat tensely in his deck chair as he hurriedly ate his ice cream. He could see over the model boat pool to the ocean beyond. Nearby Rose, his wife sat on her chair eyeing him as she ate her own ice cream, her face red and eyes glinting. On the water of the boat pool was his own model boat called the Serendipity.

He scoffed the final piece of cone and stood. He attempted to walk casually and in an unconcerned manner over to the side of the pool feeling her eyes burning into his back. He firmly avoided looking left and right at the scantily clad bathers. He fixed his eyes on the sea; it seemed calm and stress free, happy. He wondered if he could just drift away and willed his sprit to do it, just to leave behind the manacles of his life.

Taking the large model boat from the pool he placed it carefully on the flat concrete side. It was a large ocean liner, little model people were on the deck: all clearly on holiday. He had spent many hours making it. His eyes scanned over the little men. Behind he felt his wife coming up close and wondered how long it would take to rebuild the Serendipity this time.


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