A list of poems on this blog

Here is a list to help you find my poems on this blog

(some of the dates probably aren't right, more for the 2010 dates than the others)

And we did (2016)

An Idiot in the class (2014)

God I hate this beer (2010)

Swift (2014)

Though the kingfishers looked (2010)

This morning I passed (2015)

Shared house (2014)

Dusk (2014)

Press the forward button (2010)

The train rattled (2010)

Dry Golden (2010)

Jungle (2014)

Deal the card (2015)

Bastards (2016)

Pound for the guy (2016)

You are here (2012)

1* (2016)

0 (2016)

* (2016)

Lego poem (2015)

A proper Lego poem (2016)

Deep Water (2016)

Feeda (a 12 part prose poem) 2015

Will you sing about me (2011)

Of course my heart is broken (2010)

I let go of me  (2016)

This time (2016)

When you read this after I'm dead (2016)

Slack water by the Thames (2016)


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