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My Favourite Films

Nostalgia (Andrei Tarkovsky)
Betty Blue (the directors cut)
Sheltering Sky
Where Eagles Dare
Girl on a Motorcycle
When Eight Bells Toll
The Riddle of the Sands
Quigley Down Under

I like 60's movies, strangely especially almost anything made in 1968

Though not a film I have to add Blakes 7, as the 4 series add to more than a film.

I would say the first 3 films are my absolute tops, but they are all super. Where Eagles Dare is my most watched film for sure. Some are for easy watches and others are massive tear jurkers.

Nostalgia, I love everything by Tarkovsky, but Nostalgia was the first I saw and I regard it as my favourite film. It is visual poetry: pretty, hard, happy, sad. And, amazing. I have only watched it about 3 times.

Betty Blue I have only watched twice, and the first time I was flicking between stations. The directors cut is about 3 hours long and I watched it in full but nearly died crying after. Never had the courage to watch it again. Though I read the book after. Based on a book by Philippe Djian. Originally called: 37.2°C in the morning.

Sheltering Sky is another emotional rollercoaster. I love the photography. Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci and staring my favourite actor John Malkovich. The book is great too by Paul Bowles.

Where Eagles Dare, I don't care, it is a great film. Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood acting together, say no more. And the best Gestapo officer ever, played by Derren Nesbitt. This film is as much 1968 as it is WW2. Written by a favourite author: Alistar Mclean.

Girl on a Motorcycle directed by Jack Cardiff who was a great cinematographer. Based on: La Motocyclette (novella) by André Pieyre de Mandiargues, the only time I wished I could read French. I first saw this film in India when I stopped on my travels in a swanky hotel in Indore. Until then I had be roughing it and it was sooo good to splurge for once. The film had been significant for me ever since. I love the title music by Les Reed. I tend to have a little cry at the end. She is hopelessly lost, I myself have been there for sure.

When Eight Bells Toll. I never liked Anthony Hopkins until I saw him in this. The ending of the film isn't that good but the rest is a ripping yarn. Penned by my buddy Alistar Mclean. I love the film and the score by Walter Stott, the title music is epic.

The Riddle of the Sands. I never cared for Michael York until I saw him in this. It is just such an atmospheric film, love it. The book is super too. And Jenny Agutter, well, you know.

Quigley Down Under. Tom Selleck's best movie. I also love Alan Rickman in this. Laura San Giacomo is lovely. Such a good film and a great message.

Bubbling under:  
The Road to Wellville... love it, saw this in that hotel in Indore too. Anthony Hopkins again, this time as Dr Kellogg!
Memento, great film, the guy has no short term memory, a lot of this is how I felt for months after my car crash



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