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A proper menu for Windows10

It's not me being a Luddite but the standard Windows 10 start menu does not work for me. All I need is a list of programs on my computer, not a touch screen of "apps". Luckily some sane people give you a choice: Classic Shell.

This is a classic start menu that works with several versions of Windows, but, most importantly Windows 10. Get your sanity back and download it today.

Obsessed with battery life with my Android to be green

(note: I am a bit of a geek, this article comes with a geek alert)

Coronation Cinema, Manor Park, London

Coronation Cinema, Manor Park, London

The other day I was somewhere in London and snapped these pictures. My interest was sparked as I wondered what the building with Coronation written on it but Royal Regency on the door could be. Turns out it was once the Coronation Electric Theatre but after a long history is now a banqueting hall. The link here is very interesting:

Greylizard Webdesign - been there, got the t-shirt!

Webdesign from

Yacht A in London - make you all feel poor English people - not a poor as...