Resisting the desire for a new phone in the name of conservation.

Angel (poem)

Straight out of Woolwich (poem)

I am a: INFJ (Myers Briggs)

H.M.S. Serendipity (flash fiction)

This morning I passed (poem)

Ok, solution to the red selfie camera, however I look like an axe murderer

Big train - Virginia Plain

On the Docklands Light Railway

Press the forward button (poem)

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Deja vu at the British Museum.

Justin Tuijl, writer, poet, activist - though the kingfishers looked (poem)

Googling forbidden fruit (poem):

Justin Tuijl, writer, poet, activist - Slack Water by the Thames (poem)

Off to write at Royal Festival Hall

Justin Tuijl, writer, poet, activist - school of electronic moby dicks (poem)

Justin Tuijl, writer, poet, activist - my exciting life

2 Visits Over 3 Days To A Nuclear Bunker In A Forgotten Zombie Park & 5p Down (creative non-fiction)

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Ead’s Invisible Bin Spaceship

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DJ/Musician returning to my hobby drawer

School of Electronic Moby Dicks