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School of Electronic Moby Dicks

This may seem an odd poem. I was asked to do it for my degree. We took our degree guide, which has information, critical text and poems in it. I took a line from different pages starting from the cover and working through. In other words, these words are the words of others!

School of Electronic Moby Dicks
1.      School of 
2.      the module
3.      way to get the most out of
4.      signature sheet
5.      specified in the module
6.      electronic card reader,
7.      hard copy:
8.      critical
9.      Moby Dick.
10.  This short book
11.  lacked strength to overcome his anxiety
12.  in which that life-cycle is enacted
13.  condemned to just this unwisdom;
14.  characteristic work.
15.  Systemic chemicals,
16.  last evening we went dancing and
17.  walking naked
18.  by this distant northern sea
19.  clash by night
20.  like the folds of a great shining used condom
21.  my wife
22.  Random
23.  Ebony fish
24.  in hell’s mirror
25.  plum bossoms
26.  from where
27.  in this world
28.  tiny blue hands and green arms
29.  went looking for a new house.
30.  McClure
31.  shits on the
32.  spider web,
33.  on the pink petals,
34.  while crickets sing
35.  and go in and kiss them
36.  with a dark brown moustache
37.  looking like a man
38.  in the form of boobs
39.  My nipples when he kissed them
40.  over two pizzas
41.  have yet to know what love is
42.  frigid at the kitchen table
43.  so my breasts
44.  gently fucked
45.  in the heady days leading up to
46.  its Paris premiere,
47.  billboards, signs and murals
48.  and her bloodstained women
49.  pointing to each
50.  gas chamber


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