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Justin Tuijl, writer, poet, activist - my exciting life

2 Visits Over 3 Days To A Nuclear Bunker In A Forgotten Zombie Park & 5p Down (creative non-fiction)

Monday 16th Jan 2017 To save time and energy, rather than walk, he takes the Docklands Light Railway from Cyprus Station to Canning Town and changes for Woolwich Arsenal via London City Airport. The Silvertown stop slips by, and he gets off at Pontoon Dock, a high concrete station with a quick ramp into the Thames Barrier Park. As he rounds the corner of the high hedge, into the wide dew soaked grass park, disappointment strikes. The cafĂ© is closed. The metal shutters on the oblong building are all down, making it look like a nuclear bunker. As a recompense, he walks to the end of the park, and the edge of the Thames. Ahead the silver towers of the Thames Barrier stick up like capped canines. He surveys the empty water and the flocks of screeching seagulls. Then, turning for home, walks back to Cyprus, but half way there gives up and boards the D.L.R. at Royal Albert, blowing £1.50 to cut out two stops and a bunch of walking. Wednesday 18th Jan 2017 Rounding the corner of the hedge, he…

Special Offer! Get my novel Burning Wolfhound for free!

Why would I give it away free? Because it isn't worth anything? No, I hope Burning Wolfhound is a super read, at least the reviews on Amazon say so. Right now I am not inerested in making a profit, I am interested in having readers and I would also hope to get more reviews from delighted readers on Amazon. Please claim your free copy, absolutely no catch! This is a limited time offer, get it free while you can.